Highly Qualified Health Care Law Counsel

Many health care specialists would agree that complex issues should be entrusted to professionals who have the knowledge and training to resolve them. We believe that this statement equally applies to legal needs as it does to medical needs.

As a law firm with a passion for the medical field, Blackstock Law, PLLC, helps health care clients manage risk and navigate legal challenges. Our general counsel services also support Oklahoma medical businesses as they grow.

Customized Compliance Programs

We are acutely aware of the many regulations that govern the health care industry. Our attorney is certified in health care compliance by the Health Care Compliance Association and is available to work directly with providers and administrators to fulfill their legal obligations.

Our law firm is experienced in building personalized compliance programs according to each client's unique needs. We offer detailed guidance for matters that concern:

  • Billing
  • OSHA
  • Stark Law
  • The Anti-Kickback Statute
  • And other regulatory rules

Facing An Audit?

Audits play an important role in monitoring patient safety and financial integrity, but we realize that they can be disruptive to daily operations. Our accomplished lawyer can lift the burden of facing a health care audit through responding to auditors, organizing records and meeting deadlines.

The stakes may also be high; A failed audit could lead to a diminished reputation, extra costs or major legal implications. If the auditor raises concern regarding your information, we are prepared to walk you through the appeals process. Following the audit – regardless of the outcome – our attorney is available to help refine your administrative practices to prevent the risk of failing future audits.

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Proactive measures can keep hospitals, clinics, treatment centers and other medical institutions and businesses safe from serious legal trouble. Schedule a consultation with our health care law attorney by calling us at 918-852-0695 or by completing our online intake form.