Is your practice compliant?
Our compliance staff is highly trained and experienced in many areas.  

Valerie Blackstock is certified in healthcare compliance from the Health Care Compliance Association, and has built several compliance programs from the ground up.

At this time we offer:

Anti-Kickback Statute 
Stark Law
As you well know, healthcare is a heavily regulated industry.  The federal government is making billions of dollars in fines from healthcare practitioners and service providers each year.  If that is not reason enough to have a robust compliance plan in place, then the potential of a felony conviction should leave no doubt in your mind that compliance is crucial.

As attorneys licensed in the state of Oklahoma, we can help you build your practice through legally compliant contracts and business development strategies.  We also recommend Blackrock Compliance for compliance program development and review, audit assistance, and employee training.  Blackrock Compliance happily serves clients anywhere in the United States.