We aren't your typical lawyers, and our firm isn't your typical law firm. 
Here's a story of a lovely lady lawyer who was bringing up two brilliant boys, and one smart sassy girl, like their mother.  

Here's a story of a man named Blackstock,
who was busy with two boys of his own,
and who had no interest in lady lawyers.
They were three men living all together,
yet they were all alone.

Till one day when the lady swiped right to meet this fellow.
And they knew it was more than a hunch,
That this man really did like lady lawyers,
and this group must somehow form a family.
That's the way they became the Blackstock bunch.

Then, the lovely lady lawyer and the handsome gentleman attorney, 
formed a law firm all their own.

You see, neither of them wanted a life that prioritized work over kids,
case volume and billing over taking care of clients,
and profit over people.